Why Do Mothers Twin Their Outfits With Their Kids?

Why Do Mothers Twin Their Outfits With Their Kids?

Fashion trends are getting updated every day, and people are coming up with new trends at regular intervals. One such trend is mum and baby matching dress wearing. This trend apparently goes by the name of twining, and it refers to the trend when the mother and the child wear the precisely same outfit. This trend has recently become famous, but the trend had originated more than a century ago. It was first made popular in the early 1900s time when Jeanne Lanvin, a French couturier, first made an introduction to this trend after she gave birth to her daughter, Marguerite. Jeanne introduced a clothing line for children that exclusively used the materials and styles of her women’s wear line.

This trend has gained rapid popularity in recent years as many of the celebrity mother-daughter duos have been spotted to follow this trend. There are various reasons behind choosing mommy and baby girl matching outfitsand some of those reasons are discussed below.

Strengthens the mother-daughter relationship:

The trend of mother baby girl matching outfits had started to flourish at a time when there was a cultural emphasis put on the relationship that existed between a mother and her daughter. The bond that a daughter shares with her mother needs no words to describe it. However, wearing identical outfits provides a psychological impact on both the mother and the daughter and helps them to grow in their relationship. By dressing in the same way, it is almost a public way of proclaiming the strength of the bond that they share. Such a style statement has emotional values and helps to nourish the already existing bond between a mother and her child.

The mother can dress young:

Another positive side of the mother-daughter twinning trend is that it allows the mother to deck up like a young lady. The trend generally puts emphasis on wearing cheerful clothes that bring out the younger side of the mother even though she has aged. Also, this can be turned, and the duo can dress up in mature clothes to bring out the maturity of the child. The best thing about this trend is that you can customize it in any way you want and this enables you to come up with new fashion as well.

Get creative:

You can twin your outfit with your daughter in various creative ways. In case your fashion senses do not exactly match, you can design something that you both like and then tailor-make it. This will not only bring forward your creative side but also, in the process of designing, you will get closer to your daughter in an intellectual way, and that will strengthen your bond. 

There are many famous brands that offer mother-daughter twinning outfits. However, the most popular brands generally come with high price tags. If you are looking for something on the affordable side, then you will have to look for smaller companies as they provide typically affordable twinning clothes for mothers and daughters.